Your FullMetal Alchemist Life (for Girls)

The results are EXTREMELY LONG and include: A Picture of you, Your Bio, Your Past, A couple of other subjects, Your Future, and the Character’s thoughts... Feel free to check out all the results! There are only 2 results cuz they’re that long and three wouldn't fit. This took me a really long time to make, but it was worth it! I’ll be making another one of these if I get enough messages. I’ll either add them to this one, or make a whole new one. Please rate and/or message... And have fun!

Created by DeathNoteMystery on 02/09/2010

Take the Your FullMetal Alchemist Life (for Girls) quiz.

Firstly... Did you read the memo?

Now, favourite colour(s)? (I don't see why people hate this question...)

So... Who do you like most of the following?

Will you rate/message. (I know the quiz was short, but the results will make up for it!)

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