How do you learn best?

5 different types of learning abilities: visual, auditory, tactile, literary, group. To see whether you learn best by seeing, listening, experimenting, reading, or in group discussions/activities.

Created by Eilirx3 on 11/30/1999

Take the How do you learn best? quiz.

Your FAVOURITE type of question on quizzes and tests is:

You think your BEST area on exams is:

Where do you prefer to study?

What subjects are you into?

Do you find reading textbooks frustrating?

What do you do MOST OFTEN in your spare time?

Do NOT check in a dictionary. What does "garrulous" mean?

Which of these questions have you asked yourself before about the sky?

How well are you with reading maps?

How many languages can you speak (can talk for 5 minutes non-stop)?

What is your favourite scene of the following?

Last question: what do you do when you procrastinate? (Check all that apply.)

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