The life of a Hostage -1-

Umm...Ive been on quizilla a while, and i really liked the wyff/wwffy, but as of late they have been getting really repetetive and somewhat stupid (no offense)...and i had this really great idea for an RP that had to do with a kidnapping...and no its not a love story (essentially) Its diffrent, its a story of survivial, your survival.

Created by AMIRAH786 on 11/30/1999

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Okay, so you look like how you look like and you are the age that you are and your name is your name and all that jazz. Everything is as it is for you in real life, except that its currently summer time.

It is a day after school eneded and you are insanely sick with some freak virus. Your parents/gaurdians left you at home to pick up some medicine. (any siblings or other ppl that you live with left, too).

As you lay on your couch, you flipped through the chanells (sp?). Nothing was really on since it was pretty early in the day still. But nonetheless, which show caught your eye?

Whatever you chose you accidentaly dialed in the wrong numbers into the remote and it took you the local channels. Before you tried again, the reporter caught your attention.

The reporter was standing right outside you house/apartment/home and said the following: "I am here at the alleged scene of a mental mass murder's hiding spot. Authorities say that this man has been on the run for two months after being caught and institu

You do freak a little but not to much because you have an uncanny ability to remain calm and controlled. However, you do shut of the TV and go to your kitchen where the nearest phone is. As you enter you see...

You see...nothing. But you still dont let your gaurd down. before fully entering the kitchen, you check what with your eyes?

The knife stand is missing the largest knife and the back door is open (but it doesnt look like it was forced open). you confirm the reporter, there is someone in your house. As you turn to make a run for it, your throat meets a sharp point...

And (sorry for this, but i wont be doing it very often) you blacked out once you saw the face of the mental mass murderer. But you did get good look at him in the second that you were able to see him. He was easily 6 or 7 years older and 7 or 8 inches tal

No matter what part of him you focused on the most, you did see the look on his face. He was terrifying and menaicng. His face was twisted up into the most sacriest smile you have ever seen. his dark eyes were brooding and swirling with the evil in them

You are then awakened as you feel your head smash agaisnt something cold. Your eyes immeadietly flash open as you feel a river of warm liquid run down your forehead.

You quickly take in the scene around you. The mental guy is driving an expensive looking car (chose car below), at 105, and climbing. you are sitting next to him and his twisted smile is still there. Your head smashed against the windshield, and you were

Then you turn to your captor and say...

But as you open your mouth you notice that there is tape on it. "Thats werid, you think...He taped my mouth, but not my hands or feet?". You dare not pull it off though. Instaed, you scooted as far as you could away from him and listened intently as he hu

And he turned to you and said...that you'll have to wait for part two.

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