Hetalia Party RP *Long Results*

Swiss's was the most fun to write. Sorry about the results all bunching together; I copied it frm Word in paragraph form, but Quizzy didn't like that. Please excuse.

Created by HyperBallOfAwesomness on 03/07/2010

Take the Hetalia Party RP *Long Results* quiz.

You're sitting there eating lunch, and someone rings the doorbell, you...

"AWESOME!" America shouts, "We caught you at lunch, which means you got food, right?!" he pushes his way into your home, in a T-shirt and swim trunks...

"W-Well," he starts, "There are other people unloading the car outside for the pool party you invited us to! Remember, on Saturday when you agreed to hold one...?

America ran to the back where the pool was, and everyone began to pour in the house, some in floaties, some already just in their trunks, some with cameras, the works. You wondered...

You hear a scream and a splash, then run to the pool, what happened?

France tells you you should get in your swim suit, but winks while he says it. It is a pool party, and you should get into one...

While you're sitting in your beach chair, Prussia comes and grabs your arms, while Korea grabs your feet. Despite your thrashing around, thet successfully throw you in the pool...


Who wins?

Everyone goes home, sadly, who's the last to leave, and what happens?

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