Pirate Quiz: Find Out Where You Stand

This quiz will let you know if you are fit to be a pirate, and if so, what your place on the ship might be.

Created by ArcaneKayeti on 05/08/2008

Take the Pirate Quiz: Find Out Where You Stand quiz.

Given the chance, which position aboard the ship might you choose?

Take a look starboard....Did you just look

In everyday conversation, are you known to use words such as "yarr", "narr", "arr", "ahoy", "swashbuckling", and so forth?

When faced with a tough decision, your most likely tool of influence is

In describing fond memories, you would most likely use the term ______ to describe the sea.

When thirsty you usually reach for

When a pirate ship flies a red flag it means

Which of the following items to you believe to add the coolest pirate image?

Which of the following items would you most want to take from a newly conquered ship?

Have you ever attached sails to your home, vehicle, pet, or extremities?

Last, and possibly least, which modern day job do you see yourself best fitting into?

That was a lie, there is actually one more. What aspect of the pirate life most appeals to you?

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