What Do South Park Think Of You?

What do the south park think of you my friend O.o *My friend :P* This is going to include your boyfriend and what everybody thinks of you and how you act and etc all that so enjoy!

Created by xxbabyhannah on 01/06/2011

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Whats Color Do You Like? [Me: DON'T KILL ME PLEASE!!!! :(]

What Do People Describe You As? [Me: Be honest!]

Your Standing At The Bus Stop With The Guys And?

You Need To Find A Partner For The Test Who Is It?

What Do You Think Of Kyle? [Me: Just had to ask! :)]

And Cartmen? [Me: Fatass!] :P

What Happens If Kyle Asked You On A Date?

Cartmen Asks You To Come To His House After School What Do You Do?

Your Walking Home After School And See Stan, You Both End Up Walking Together Then Stan Trys Holding Your Hand How Do You React?

Kyle Invites You To A Sleepover Everyones Going To Be There What Do You Say?

So You Come To The Party And Then Cartmen Picks On Kyle Again And You?

You All Decide To Play 7 Minutes In Heaven You End Up With Who?

Okay Sorry But You End Up With Cartmen :P How Do The Others React?

What Happens In The Closet Then?

After The Games You Watched A Scary Movie Who Did You Snuggle Up To?

Last Question :) Did You Enjoy My Quiz *Won't Effect Answers*

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