Queen of thieves ~~A Bakura quiz~~

hello you guys waz up......any who this IS my first quiz so please be gentle. Okay heres some info on you. In the beginng of this quiz it will take place in anicent egpyt with Bakura the king of thieves. You look like whatever you want but i get to decied your name ^_^. In the aincent times its Kaeri and in Japan modern day its Junay. OKay info on Kaeri you are supposly the daughter of the great god of death Anubis. You met Bakura a long time ago when he was robbing a tomb. Beyond that you become lovers and

Created by lightofdark on 05/08/2008

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Alright then *cracks neck* lets begin~*~ A small gasp escaped your pale lips. As the warm arms of your lover encirlced your body. His once vicious crimson eyes turned soft, to the sight that layed before him. "B-Baku" you stuttered touching his cheeck soft

."Junay, JUNAY" that irrating schreeching noise got to your head, as you finally rolled outta bed. "Whhhaaaat" you whined, trying to rub the tired out of your eyes. Your mother tapped her foot sighing. Her golden bronzed hair was in a messy bun, as she pu

You stared at him evily," That was mine you sack o'crap" you sneered. Your brother shrugged, his shoulders relaxing in the blue uniform. You sighed, looking around making sure your mom wasn't near. As hard as you could you slapped him on the back, milk squ

You slid off your outdoor shoes and put them in a locker. You grabbed a pair of slippers and headed inside. Slowly you looked around, turning your head making sure you didn't miss your class. Soft taps could be heard from the shoes that lacthed onto your f

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