Vampire Knight WWFFY Part 6

Hey everyone! Here's part 6... Finally. Summarize: Aido was about to bite you when suddenly Kain came in and stopped him. Kamui was the first one to find you and got into a fight with Aido. Once they left Yuuki found you.

Created by catiekat on 05/10/2011

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"Akane... It's time we told you the truth about the Night Class." "Huh?" IN HEAD MASTER"S ROOM: "What! They're, They're vam-vam-vam" "Vampires yes. We have been watching over vampires and humans at this school for a long time. They aren't supposed to drin

blood. We actually give them tablets that taste like blood." The headmaster became serious. "But why are there vampires here?" You asked. "Why? That Akane is because some humans and vampires want to work together or as you'd say get along without eating-

or killing each other. "Who is they?" "Me and some noble vampire families. ^_^"

After a long talk on vampires Headmaster Cross gave you an anti-vampire gun. then he told everyone that from now on we would be taking turns on duty in the day and the night but for now we were dismissed. Walking to your-

room you see a guy with blood red hair and gray eyes eating pocky standing by your door.

You noticed that he was wearing a Night Class uniform. 'Great another vampire' you thought to yourself. Suddenly he looks in your direction and sees you. You were shocked. He looked like a model that you've seen in a magazine you have. Which Magazine do-

you think he's from?

He started walking towards you. You put your hand on the gun Headmaster Cross had given you. "No need to be defensive. I just came here to tell you about one of my managers friends who is also a manager who has been looking for a new young model.

He read your file and would like to ask you if you would be interested in joining his company. You would be payed well.

We shall see what will happen next in part 7. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

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