What is your life in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians(girls only!!)

All i see for percy jackson books is which character are you like and whose your parent. This one is different!!!!!!! It includes your bf, bff, rep, how you met him, and your life myb even more!!

Created by funkebiz6 on 04/08/2010

Take the What is your life in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians(girls only!!) quiz.

Who do you think is your parent??If you dont know just guess by looking back on your personality :) its just a suggestion

OH NO ITS HORRIBLEEE THEE COLOR QUESTION!!AHHHH suck it up whats your favorite color??

RP!!! I know all of you loveee ittt. This is before Luke disapears. So you are walking through camp and you see Luke about to stab Percy!!!! OH NO!! What do you do???

Who do you think is the hottest!!!!

Whos personality do you like best?? Be honest ;)

YAYY!! More RP's!!! You are playing capture the flag and you are gaurding the flag. One of the stoll brothers come up behind you and hit you while the other runs for the flag. How do you stop them????Be quick he's getting closer!!

RP!!!!! PARTAYYYY(i spelt it that way on PURPOSE!) You are taking a walk through the woods and a hellhound appears out of nowhere!! Percy runs in and slays it(aww how herioc (:) how do you thank him??

Choose some words that describe you

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