Spanking Calculator

Whether your being spanked by someone else, or delivering the punishment yourself, this will help determine the appropriate amount of punishment. Beware however, no one gets off easy once its time for a spanking!

Created by gigglegirl1234 on 04/11/2010

Take the Spanking Calculator quiz.

What did you do?

Did you know what you were doing was wrong?

How much did you think about doing it before hand?

I did this because...

were you told not to do this?

Is there a rule against doing this?

Was what you did illegal?

Why was what you did wrong?

Have you done this before?

Did you try to lie about your behavior?

Have you been punished for the same thing before?

When did you last get into trouble?

After being disciplined your most common reaction is...

What type of punishment do you think you deserve?

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