Which Hetalia Character Would Fall For You? [Allied Version]

Just thought before filling out those results, I should write you a little fanservice. It's only the Allies this time... America, England, France, Russia, and China. This won't be a question quiz. It'll be an rp quiz with a little scene at the end. :D Damn you quizilla, sorry, no sexy pictures for you guys!

Created by KatayokuNoTori on 05/18/2010

Take the Which Hetalia Character Would Fall For You? [Allied Version] quiz.

The sun is shining brightly, its light penetrating the dusty window. The blissfully carefree sounds of birds chirping fill your ear. Why aren't you outside on a beautiful day such as this?

The World Summit breezes by quickly, while you're dozing off. You can always get notes from someone else. You're the first one out the door. You take in a deep breath of fresh air and hear someone call your name.

It's only America. "Hey! ___! Since the Summit is over, and all. We were wondering if you wanted to go out with us and get some food or something?" The other members soon appeared behind Alfred.

America beams, "Great! Let's go!" Alfred grabs a hold of your wrist and tugs you along. France stops him, gently peeling Alfred's hand from yours. "You shouldn't treat a lady like that.. Here.." He intertwines his fingers in yours.

France sighs, "Whatever you wish, my Lady." England shakes his head in disgust. America grabs your wrist and begins to run. "Why are you running, git? It's not like the restaurant is going to run away on you." He enters a small restaurant and picks a seat

As Alfred orders the food, you feel a sudden draft and shiver. You try and not let anyone see it, but England sighs and offers his jacket, "Here." France blinks, offering his own. While the two bicker, Russia slides his large jacket over you.

They become flustered and quiet. You snuggle in the warmth of Russia's jacket. Alfred returns quickly and questions why those two are quiet. China grabs at his drink as you were, and your hands briefly touched.

The group makes small talk, and you zone out. France, America, and England end up arguing with each other. China glances and watches some birds fly outside the window. Russia taps your shoulder, smiling, "You okay, da?"

Russia nods in response. He pounds his fist on the table in your anger, warning them if they didn't shut up, their faces will be painted in their own blood. They all shut up and swallow the lump in their throats. Even China is a little scared.

After that incident, Russia is back to his old self. After paying, you all decide to go your separate ways for the day. You thank them for the interesting day. You are the first one out the door, when you hear your name being called.

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