Life in the Hunger Games

We all love the hunger games... but what would it be like to be IN them? put yourself in Katniss' position with this quiz!

Created by baconrox on 11/30/1999

Take the Life in the Hunger Games quiz.

When you awaken, you sigh. Today will be the reaping, and you're going to find out who will be sentenced to a few weeks in the Hunger Games. To set your mind at ease, you decide to:

You decide to go see some of your besties. "Hey, ________," says Leo. "How's it goin?"

Olivia walks over, your other bestie. "Guys, we'd better get going," she says nervously. You both nod and start to walk to the center of District 11.

You and your friends head over to your age group; 15. You have already gone to your parents, who wished you luck. You are feeling extremely nervous, but remind yourself that your name is one in thousands.

The girls are up first... Tina, from the Capitol, reaches her hand into the globe, and snags a slip of paper. Your heart seems to stop as her lips form the fateful words... "__________, for District 11."

You walk up to take your place by the stand, watching your parents open mouths. The boy tribute is called... a boy in your class called Ithan. You two are escorted to the large building where your families will say good-bye.

"Listen, ______," says Leo, Olivia standing nearby, tears streaming down her cheeks. "You can do this. Just follow your instincts." Olivia steps forward, embraces you, hands you a small bracelet, and flees. Your parents say good-bye, and you're...

You are escorted to the train, where you are given lavish quarters. Ithan has a room across from you, and you are going to meet your mentor in the morning. That night, you have nightmares of...

When you awaken, the others are at breakfast. You meet your mentor, Jeff. Although he seems soft, he's taught you how to throw a knife, get someone in a decent headlock, and staunch excessive flows of blood by the end of breakfast.

"Well... 'bye then," Ithan says as you are turned over to your stylist. You frown; he has been WAY too nice to you... maybe it's a strategy? You reply:

Your stylist is pretty much the most ingenious fashion Capitol person ever! You begin to enjoy yourself as they apply makeup, dress you in a nature-y dress of leaves, and a pair of cute dark green flats. As you leave for the interview, you see Ithan.

You're becoming queasy as the interview numbers zip past. District 1,2,3. 8,9,10...

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