Are you an instigator?

Created by rae135 on 05/08/2008

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your on a road trip with your've been driving all night..bored as hell, its morning and you guys see a macdonalds off the road so someone suggests you get some breakfast there.. so your friend gets enough mcgriddles and mcmuffins to feed the

your walking through the hallways on the way to the bathroom and jokeingly..someone flips you off...

your dozeing off in math..again... the teacher tells you to pay attention

this is good. none of those damn color questions.

o lucky you. family night out. your sitting in the back of the van next to your brother who just suddenly farts on you.

you see your ex best friend at the dance with your crush he/she purposely stole from you

you go to the movies wiht your friend and/or significant other and you two see two people in front of you makeing out

your lil sis is watching her damn reality shows again.

searching around your parents room searching for extra $ find a huge porn stash

end of the quiz

i lied. will you rate my quiz?

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