Can YOU tell if a girl likes you?

Can YOU tell if a girl likes you? (more than a friend) Take this quiz to find out. Please no offending comments. And whoever can get Master of Feminine Knowledge gets a cookie! Message me if you're that smart!

Created by Rainstorm11 on 11/30/1999

Take the Can YOU tell if a girl likes you? quiz.

Your in P.E. when the girl you like runs by and bumps into you. She blushes and says quietly, "Oh, I'm sorry _insert name here_." Then leaves. You think:

Your at recess and the girl you like keeps staring at you, ducking away when you look at her. You think:

You stare at the girl you like all day. In science class you talk to her a little and she laughs at your jokes but still sits by her friends. You think:

You tease this girl you like ALL the time and poke her when you walk by her desk. She laughs sometimes but other times she gets annoyed and shoos you away. You think:

Its the last day of school when the girl runs up to you and asks you to sign her yearbook, shyly. You do and she smiles, says thanks and walks off. You think:

You see the girl laughing at another guy who you can tell likes her too. You think:

The girl writes her phone number along with her name in your yearbook. You think:

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