Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler rp pt. 1

Ok, you are are 15, and have been sent to visit at the PhantomHive Mansion from your old childhood friend Ciel let's make him 17, you look however you want and your name is ____. The choices for guys are, Ciel, Sebastian, or Finny. If you want Bard or anyone else to be a choice message me. :) Oh, and you come from a rich and royal family too.

Created by ZakuraKnightV2 on 11/30/1999

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You rode in your carriage to your old friend's house, it was gloomy out so you couldn't wait to get there before it poured down rain.

When you had arriven you were amzed in awe. "Watch your step Madam ___," said the young handsome carriage driver as he takes your hand to help you down. (Me: His name will be Jin)

There to await you were four people, a maid, a cook, old man, and a gardner. "Hello, it's nice to meet you madam," they all said. They lead you inside, the place was beautiful, as great as your mansion except less expensive.

You see a blue haired boy with a patch over his eye walking down stairs with a cane, with a tall handsome butler. "Ciel", you said in excitement. "____, I haven't seen you in forever, Sebastian lead her to her room immediately!"

"Yes my lord," said the butler. "Bo-chan tells me a lot about you, you're from royalty, yes?' "Yes, I am, it's quite nice actually."

"This is it, I hope you enjoy your stay here madam," Sebastian said bowing. "Oh, how rude of me, I have not introduced myself, though you may of heard my name I am Sebastian, one hell of a butler."

"Please, enjoy your stay, dinner will be done soon in an hour, so please don''t be late", he said with a smile as he walked off closing the door behind.

~FF~ You heard a knock on your door, the gardner had told you dinner was ready. "Uh, excuse me, what's your name," you asked.? "My name is Finnian, but you an all me Finny," he said taking your hand leading you downstairs.

Well, I'm stopping here, it's late, and I'm tired, hope you liked it, please rate and comment :)

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