What Paper Mario Character are You? FINISHED WITH PICS

i just happen to be one of those Paper Mario freaks that you read about in the "Scary People" sections of the tabliods, you know, the type that your parents always tell you stay away from. Anywho, i randomly got the bright idea to make a Paper Mario quiz just because i can, because i am that conceded. anywho squared, these are only the 9 major characters in the video game (this is the first one, btw). but if it seems to do alright, i might make more. with out further ado, here's the quiz.

Created by FiresChild on 05/08/2008

Take the What Paper Mario Character are You? FINISHED WITH PICS quiz.

First, and always generic question. What gender are you?

Whew, now that we have that out of the way... Let's get to the Mario questions. What is your favorite species in ANY Mario game?

Which one of these rather...interesting...jobs are you currently in right now? If you don't have a job, then pick which one you'd like to do in the Mario world, where no matter what occupation you have, it's the best one there ever was.

Clothes wise. Which one of these would be *YOUR* fashion statement?

Now that we got down your style, which set of attacks sound most suited to you?

So...we have your gender...the clothes..the attacks... What about your personality?

Which one of these places would you live, if you had the choice?

Everyone loves music, even the characters in Paper Mario (especially the Boos though... ::huggles the Boos:: ). Which one of these lyrics works best for you?

And finally....What is your opinion of Mario?

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