Harry Potter Sorting Hat! Which house are you? (very accurate!)

What Hogwarts house are you? (very detailed & accurate!)

Created by SeaWench on 11/30/1999

Take the Harry Potter Sorting Hat! Which house are you? (very accurate!) quiz.

Which house do you want?

What house do you NOT want?

In Goblet of fire, Cedric was trapped under roots that entangled him before reaching the cup. What would you do in Harry's spot?

What are some of your favorite colors?

What are some things that describe you?

Who do you usually hang out with student wise?

What are your favorite classes?

What would you rather do on an average day?

You are in potions class, and Snape has his usual cold look and sneer, what is your immediate thought?

Dumbledore has summoned you to his office. What is it about?

Who is your favorite teacher for combined reasons? Because they're nice to you, you love their class, & they're wonderful at teaching, etc.

How do you feel about your studies?

Your best friend asks you for help... what do you do?

What is your favorite season?

What element do you identify MOST with?

What shops are you most likely to visit in Diagon Alley & Hogsmeade?

What are some hobbies?

What animal would you like to have most?

What 2 cores do you find most interesting that you could see either being in your wand?

What did you think of the boys who created the marauder's map?

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