What kind of theatre kid are you?

Do you enjoy being in plays and musicals? Do you live for being in plays and musicals? Then this is the quiz for you!

Created by milliethescgirl on 06/30/2010

Take the What kind of theatre kid are you? quiz.

How important is theatre to you?

What part are you going for?

You don't get cast. The director suggests you join set crew. You:

You get a small part. You:

Who's the most talented person in your theatre program?

Theatre festivals like DTASC:

Your costume's not exactly flattering. You:

It's tech week. You:

When the director gives you notes, you are:

The show has started, but it's not your scene yet. What are you doing backstage?

Can you actually act?

Can you dance?

Can you sing?

Which award would you get?

Have you ever worked backstage?

Are you good at improv?

How long have you been doing theatre?

Do you think people will remember you when you graduate?

Because of budget cuts, your theatre teacher is about to be laid off. OH NO!!! but the decision isn't final... what can you do?

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