Which Mass Effect military class are you?

If you were a Marine in the Systems Alliance military, what field would you be most suited to specialise in? Answer the questions to find out.

Created by amida41 on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Mass Effect military class are you? quiz.

Your team has been ambushed by a group of angry hostiles in the wilderness. What do you do?

You're about to be deployed on a dangerous assignment on a nearby human colony. Before hitting the ground, which of the following would you grab from the armoury?

You spent the most of your training at the Alliance military academy doing which of the following?

During a dangerous mission, you recieve a commendation for an act of exceptional heroism. Which of the following are you most likely have done?

You're in one of the most dangerous missions of your life; you've been shot in the gut, your team is dead, you're low on ammo and a hostile Batarian is about to finish you off. Which of the following do you do?

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