What Do The Beatles Think of You?

Created by rambleon2474 on 11/30/1999

Take the What Do The Beatles Think of You? quiz.

You're cast in the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night! What are you likely to be doing between scenes?

If you were chatting with John Lennon, and suddenly he made a lewd comment, how would you respond?

George invites you to tea. You look into your closet and pull out--

John has just gotten an new guitar and is boasting loudly about it to anyone who will listen. When he shows it to you, you--

What do you order when out at the pub?

You're out shopping with Ringo. What store do you pull him in first?

Rainy day, dream away...What are you doing to pass the time?

What's your signature 60's scent?

It's the sixties and you're a working woman. What's your profession?

What's your vice?

How do you fix yourself up for big events?

Looking fabulous you arrive at the party. Where would one be most likely to find you during the night?

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