Which Naruto Shippuden character would date you?

does not include the akatsuki - hidden leaf shinobi ONLY. (oh and sasuke) sorry! anyways, this quiz is basically for girls but guys, feel free to take it! find out which character would suit you the best! hope you like it;)

Created by JuliaaUchiha on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Naruto Shippuden character would date you? quiz.

Which of the guys listed below would you want to date?

me: ok, pretend you are in a room with all of the guys listed above with you. i'm going to ask you a question and they'll decide if they want to date you or not by your answers. k?

where would you want to spend your saturday night?

(naruto: grabs microphone) hello there! i'm naruto uzumaki! would people consider you a prankster?

(me: takes mic away from naruto.shino, would you like to ask a question? shino: um. alright. *clears throat* do you like... bugs?)

shino:* hands mic back to me* me: well that's all we have time for. we do have one more question left though. which justu is your favorite?

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