Warrior Cat Generator (She-cats only)

Find out your alliance, appearance, persnality, mate, kits, apprentice and even your best friend! All based on my story, but you can use it for any Warrior Cats RPG of your choice.

Created by equinegemini on 11/30/1999

Take the Warrior Cat Generator (She-cats only) quiz.

Firestar: Loyalty is big in my book, but sometimes it has to be sacrificed for what is right. If you see a cat sneaking off in the dark would you follow him or her?

Sandstorm: Firestar, only you would ask that because you want to know if you did right! Firestar: So? Sandstorm: I have a better question. What do you look like?

Firestar: Well If someone had told me that we were being obvious... Cloudtail: Ooh! Me next! Three words, describe yourself. Now!!

Brightheart: I have alittle question. Firestar: Go ahead. Brightheart: If a friend is so injured that he or she may not be a warrior what would you do? Firestar: Wow, um, good question.

Squirrelflight: So, pretend that there is a bloody battle going on and it's coming too close to camp for comfort, what do you do?

Leafpool: Okay, so after this bloody battle how do you take in the mess?

Graystripe: You love someone outside your clan, what do you do? Firestar: Wow, only you my friend. Graystripe: What? I want to know.

Brambleclaw: Okay, um... You don't know if someone loves you back but you know you love them and his or her father is trying to seperate you. Firestar: It was an honest mistake.

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