Who Loves You? (Sasuke, Naruto, or Gaara)

Naruto RP! Yay! lol! Enjoy:))!

Created by DarkTorture on 07/27/2010

Take the Who Loves You? (Sasuke, Naruto, or Gaara) quiz.

“Welcome to Konoha, I’m Lady Tsunade!” Lady Tsunade greets you as you make your way into her office. “We don’t have a specific location for you to stay at right now, so you’ll have to stay with either Sasuke, Naruto, or Gaara”

You couldn’t decide so she decides Naruto first. She introduces you to him, he seems pretty nice. “Are you hungry ___-chan?” he asks “Yea!” you said placing a hand on your rumbling tummy. “Heh-heh, I know this great ramen shop! Lets go!”

You order your favorite dish and start gobbling it down “Wow! You were really hungry aren’t you?” Naruto asks taking a big bite out of his ramen “Yea! I haven’t ate on the whole trip here!” you stuffed your face again. “Naruto!” you turned around to see?

Naruto turns around “Hey Sasuke, what’s up?” Naruto says taking another bite from his ramen. “You left in such a rush, ___-chan left her bags in Lady Tsunade’s office!” He snapped “Oh! Sorry ___-chan!” He apologizes rubbing the back of his head.

You took the bags and set them next to you. “Thanks Sasuke-kun” you said simply “Kun? Just call me Sasuke” Sasuke smirked “Fine then, Thanks Sasuke” emphasis on the ‘Sasuke’. He smirked again and order some ramen and ate with the to of you.

A Pink haired girl comes up and sits next to Sasuke “Hey Sasuke!” She says in a singy-song voice, he grimaced. “Sakura leave me alone, I’m trying to have lunch” He says emotionless “Fine, but whose this?” she says looking at me “I’m ___ ___!"

That’s it for now: ). Yea this is nothing, But It’ll get better soon I promise. But other then that Hope Ya Enjoyed!

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