What guy from D.Gray-Man would be your perfect match?

Hey people! I'm tired of taking quizzes where the answer is completely obvious, so I made this quiz. Hopefully you'll get an answer different from what you were expecting.This is my first quiz, so any comments, suggestions, or critiques would be helpful! Thanks, and enjoy :D

Created by VivaLaCheese on 11/30/1999

Take the What guy from D.Gray-Man would be your perfect match? quiz.

First, Which guy do you think you’re most like (by personality, NOT just your favorite character)?

Pick some words to describe yourself. (No more than 4 please)

Time for some real life questions! It’s midnight, and you have a homework assignment due the next day. What do you do?

There's an abandoned kitten/puppy on the side of the road, do you stop and help it?

You fail a test/lose a game/etc., what's your reaction?

You see a group of people fighting, what do you do?

Time for some RP! Allen needs help getting his head out of one of Komui's octopus'. What do you do?

Oh no! Now your head is stuck in an octopus! What do you do?

The Noah Clan has infiltrated the Order. What do you do?

Finally, which quote describes you the best?

What did you think of this quiz? It'd be a big help if you could message me with suggestions, comments, critiques!

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