Would You Win the Hunger Games?

I OWN NOTHING FROM THE HUNGER GAMES! I JUST WANTED TO MAKE THIS QUIZ! Take this quiz to find out if you would survive The Hunger Games! THERE IS NO COLOR QUESTION!

Created by LunaFromDistrict13 on 11/30/1999

Take the Would You Win the Hunger Games? quiz.

Did you read the Memo? ^

I TOTALLY LIED! (Hold up sheild) Whats your favorite color?

Yey! Rp time!: You name is pulled form the reaping ball. What do you do?

RP: The gog has rung, the wepon you need is there, but your mentor told you to avoid the Cornacopia, What do you od?

Rp: You see a very small twelve year old girl (The youngest allowed) She's shivering and can't make a fire. She got haevily bleeding cuts and she looks almsot starved. What do you do?

Rp: It's down to you and the final tribute, A giant boy with a huge and heavy Ax. You only have a knife, what do you do?

YOUR HOME! Yu little sister greets you sobbing and your parents are so happy they can hardly speack.Your friends Greet you happily, amazed even. What do you do with everyhting

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