Fact or Crap! [extended version,10 new questions to test your idiotic brain!]

Created by koolaidude on 05/06/2008

Take the Fact or Crap! [extended version,10 new questions to test your idiotic brain!] quiz.

1.Approximately 2,000 silkworm cocoons are needed to produce one pound of silk.

2.The Irish drink more tea than any other nation in the world.

3.An oyster takes 7 years to make one pearl.

4.Cactus grow in cold places.

5.Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.

6. A giraffe's tongue can sometimes be over a foot and half long.

7.Can horses can sleep while standing up?

8.More people die from mosquito bites than from all the other bites and stings put together.

9.The ocean floor is completely dark. Very few fish can live there. The black angler fish is one that does. It carries its own lantern to lure Prey into its huge mouth. Bacteria that glow in the dark make the light.

The last one!!! 10.There are two things we cannot do, breathe and swallow at the same time, and sneeze with our eyes open.

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