What is your Zanpakuto?

*****READ BEFORE TAKING THE QUIZ***** In this quiz, you can either pick a random answer from the first question if you want a random Zanpakuto, or else take the other questions and leave the first one unanswered ^^ The Zanpakutos are not from specific characters like Zangetsu, Zabimaru etc., they're different. The results have names and abilities. Soo, enjoy! And please rate! Thx ^^

Created by VioletLeVeela on 11/30/1999

Take the What is your Zanpakuto? quiz.

Read the info above plz =]

What's your favourite---- animal? (phew, that was a close one! Almost said another word =])

What would you get for a friend's birthday?

Roleplaying time! You're walking alone, minding your own business, when you see some thugs hurting a little dog across the street. There's no one else around. What do you do?

Some days later, you see the same dog searching in the rubbish bins for some food. He's as thin as a stick and he looks like he'll die if someone doesn't do something soon.

What best describes you?

Pick a smiley ^^

End of quiz! Will you rate?

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