what does seto kaiba and mokuba think of you ^.^

hi there,sorry if its no good and sorry about the rp im to lazy XDD this is my first so please massge me if i had any mistak and i know i suck at spiling XD and please rate this quiz it would meen alout to me and thax for those who read the quiz ^^ and also this quiz will tell you wich one likes you or love you or hate you XDD and it has 4 results ^^ hope you enjoy ur time ohh and its for(GIRLLS ONLY -anless ur gay Xp-

Created by nara1chan on 09/21/2010

Take the what does seto kaiba and mokuba think of you ^.^ quiz.

...hi ^^

ok..so its my first quiz i have to ask this so whats ur fav color *hids behind kaiba*

ok so mokoba! *drags mokuba in* me:so would you like to ask a question to the nice people^^ mokube:0_0 they don't seem that nice me:hehe..i kinda asked them the color question XDD mokube:..so what do you think of me??

*kaiba walks in* m:yay kaibas here ^^ me:so kaiba ask a question to the people k:.ok so...what kind of a duilst r u?

me:ok so who do you like more kaiba or mokuba o_O k-m:-/////-

me:what would you do if you sow mokuba crying? k:you beteer not be mean to my brother! m:yea you beteer or my bro will kick ur butt! me:XD

me:so what do you think of this quiz ? ^_^

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