All Kinds of Different

4 girls. Amber, Mary, Denver, Shelly. They make up the Famous Four. Amber is an all-time singer. She gets her money buy winning idol contests for her state. Mary is a waitress who doesn't love restaurants, but uses it as a temporary job while she writes her soontobe famous novel for publishing. Denver. Well, she uses her computer and tries getting in the World Records book for longest laptop user. Does she win? No, but she still gets a little money. Shelly.. Shelly, um.. Can't say. Which one are yo

Created by LostInDarkWind on 11/30/1999

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You're at school and the Famous Four walk by. Amber Smith, with her long, flowing black hair and cute bangs that go along with it. Mary Wilson, who's the shortest, but cutest, in the group had orange shoulder-length hair and cute eyes to go along with it.

Denver Calypso had blonde hair and blue eyes that sparkle. Shelly B. was almost as short as Mary and had blue, swirling hair with round pink eyes. She was really shy and usually runs off. You stare at them, and bump into someone. You fall.

You awake and see 3 girls. One hands you a hairbrush, and another hands you a mirror. You are one of the Famous Four! The others stare at you. "Get up!" You follow their orders, and dizzily wipe of your clothes and hair.

You walk into the school, now calling the rest of the FF your friends. "Hey, what's our first class?" You ask. The others laugh. "How silly! We have no class. We just get to watch videos about school, remember? Maybe that fall did some damage."

You walk into a room labeled 'STAY OUT OR YOU'LL GET--' The last part was ripped off. When you enter, you see 4 boys sitting in desks. You and the other girls sit down next to them.

The boy sitting next to you had curly, brown hair. He was using his computer. You moved your seat, and found yourself next to a boy with green long side hair and a side bang listening to music. Moving again, you plop down next to a guy with a skull hoodie

You couldn't see his hair and his eyes were hidden. Walking again, you see a blonde haired guy writing a story. He lifts his head, looks at you, smiles, and continues writing. Their names were; John(brown hair), Sean(green), Neil(hoodie), Thomas(blonde).

Check all the answers (Sorry that I had to stop writing for now.)

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