Hetalia 7 minutes in heaven ~GIRLS ONLY~

You're hanging around in your room, when suddenly Italy runs into your room! "C'mon ______! We're going to play a game, Ve~!" He shouted, and dragged you into your living room. "What game are we going to play?" You asked, looking confused. "7 Minutes in Heaven!" America said, all excited. Your eyes when wide when Hungary held out a hat with different colours of paper in. "Choose one! Don't look! If you do..." She trailed off, and waved her frying pan around in the left hand. =May add more later!=

Created by WolfKunoichi12 on 02/27/2011

Take the Hetalia 7 minutes in heaven ~GIRLS ONLY~ quiz.

Which colour do you pick out of the hat~? Also I'm not finished with all the results yet, but message me if you want someone I haven't even put in this quiz, actually in this quiz! I shall do him after I've done all the results!!!

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