What Secret Society Are You?

Which Secret Society do you belong to? Find out the secret world behind the masters of magic and secrecy. Imagine how much your life could change in a secret society where you are above the law, to change for the best... or the worst.

Created by Disturbed6Iron6Maggots6 on 11/30/1999

Take the What Secret Society Are You? quiz.

Out of these choices, which would you prefer to have? remember in this world there are always consequences to everything... check all that applies

Which of these do you preffer?

Would you preffer to keep secret things to yourself or share it with others?

A New World Order?

Check all that applies. What type of person are you?

Which of these presidents is your favorite one?

You think music doesn't affect the way you live? Think again. What type of music are you into?

Would you like people to listen to your every command? Mind control. How about doing it without them knowing?

Check all that applies. Which of these would you preffer to do? Some may be illegal, but hey! we all have those crazy thoughts once in a while.

Television... oh yes, the media is too easy to control. What television channels do you watch?

Which of these have you done?

Which of these would you be willing to trade anything for?

Do you fear anything? If so then you should have stopped taking this quiz a long time ago. If not, then you are wanting the path where the unimaginable is real...

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