Naruto's Party!

what kind of party you ask? the fun kind! plz rate and message btw you can get sasuke Gaara Lee Kiba or Naruto! i drew the results btw ^^ tell me if you like

Created by giniveresoma on 11/30/1999

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Naruto ran up to you one afternoon and shouted "come to my house tonight ___-chan! im haveing a party!" and with that her ran off

ok so you go to narutos house and knock on the door. "Come in!" naruto shouted as you walked in. you looked around and noticed you where the ONLY girl at the party

you looked around and saw kiba playing fetch with akamauru,Gaara eating a cookie and looking bored,sasuke sitting on the couch not wanting to be there,lee hopping up and down with inthusiasm and naruto smileing at you

"whats that grin for?..." you ask worried, "its time to play a game!" everyone looked at naruto "what kind of game?" kiba asked naruto smiled and said " cloths switch!"

"what the heck is that?" kiba asked, naruto smirked i made it up!" "its gonna be gay...." sasuke mutterd "oh shut up sasuke!" naruto shouted. "how do you play?" you asked curiously "well first you spin in cuircles three times then you have to pick a paper

from this hat and whoevers paper you get you and him have to go into the bathroom and switch cloths!" everyone stared at naruto for a while then sasuke spoke "your such a dobe..." naruto glared and then made all the guys draw ona paper

ok so pick a paper

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