Could you pass as Death the Kid's girlfriend?

Dude, symmetry is beauty. BEAUTIFUL ;____; Also, how many people out there have become obsessed with symmetry after watching Soul Eater? *raises hand proudly*

Created by TensionRising on 11/30/1999

Take the Could you pass as Death the Kid's girlfriend? quiz.

Since this is the first question, obviously its gonna be about symmetry. Whhhaaaaaat will by your opinion? *holds microphone at your face*

*facepalm* Kid is having a temper tantrum because something in the classroom is not symmetrical... *shakes head* What would you do to calm him down?

Blackā˜†Star and Soul are having an argument over who gets to go out with you! Love triangle~! Only problem: Kid's not participating in the argument! Just sitting there, chillin' at his seat and reading...

Kid is starting to get an itty bitty crush on you *awesome face* Liz and Patti seemed to have noticed! Soooooo they invited you over to their mansion!

Kid wants to start a conversation about something, but he doesn't know what. So you two are pr-ee-tty much just sitting there in silence... UNTIL YOU BREAK IT >:D What subject do you decide to talk about?

Alrighty now, it's final. Kid loves you! Isn't that just the cutest?

Final question: Kid may love you, but do you love him?

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