What does Itachi think about you?

Yay! My second what does ____ think about you quiz!!!! I hope you like this one. (The first one was what does sasuke think about you. haha I guess I'm doing the Uchiha brother's first.) Our mystery guest today is Itachi Uchiha from the Akastuki. Me: Say Hi Itachi! Itachi:hi Me: okay now on to the quiz!!!!! :D

Created by Storymaster3000 on 11/20/2010

Take the What does Itachi think about you? quiz.

Did you read the memo?

What...(*hides behind Itachi* Itachi:What are you doing? *whispers in Itachi's ear about the color question* Itachi: O.o oh s%^).. is your favorite color?

RP Time!!! Itachi: Oh dear. Me: *evil grin* What would you do if Itachi randomly kissed you on the lips? Itachi: What the F*#$!!?!? Me: Itachi! Watch your mouth!!!! Itachi: Make me! Me: I will after the quiz is over!!!!

ANOTHER RP!!! :D Me: Ask the question Itachi-kun!! Itachi: What would yo do if I said I loved you? Me: I though you loved me!! *fake cries* Itachi: I...but...you...me....love..... Me: *still fake crying* Itachi: *hugs quizmaker* Me: :')

Last RP!! :( Itachi:Your turn to ask. Me: *evil laugh* This will be fun. Itachi:Oh god. Me: What would you do if Itachi grabbed your butt? Itachi: *falls out of his chair* *yells* WHAT!?!? Me:You heard me Uchiha! Itachi:T-T Me:Don't worry I still love you

Will you rate this quiz a 5? If you don't I will get Itachi to kill you in your sleep. *evil laugh* Itachi: I like that idea. *joins me in my evil laugh*

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