Who's your Fruits Basket boyfriend? ~Girls only, Long Results(How you met and what they think of you)~

Soffia: GUYS!!! This is still under construction. But anyways, hi guys, welcome to my first quiz! I'm a newb at this so please bear with me... So this is a quiz to see who your Fruits Basket, or Furuba, boyfriend would be. I've added names, pictures, and what the characters think of you so I hope you'll enjoy~ Oh, and sorry, this doesn't include Akito or Kureno. And the reason I have my name is because, there's a roleplay section and... Yeah, you'll see

Created by Soffie101 on 12/07/2010

Take the Who's your Fruits Basket boyfriend? ~Girls only, Long Results(How you met and what they think of you)~ quiz.

Soffia: Okay, let's start! Did you read the description?

Soffia: Now I'm not afraid of this question but I'm going to mix it up a little. What color eyes do you prefer?

Soffia: Okay, now... What do you like to do in your free time out of the following?

Soffia: Okay! What would your boyfriend say about you?

Soffia: Roleplay time!!! So your crush asked you out and you said yes. Where would he take you?

Soffia: Okay, so you had a great time on your date and... Yuki will ask this question. Yuki: ... Okay. *clears throat* You're having so much fun that you hug your date, seeing that one of us transforms. How do you react?

Soffia: Great question, Yuki. Okay so- Kyo: I'm asking this question. Soffia: Oh, okay... Kyo: If your date made some food for you, what would it be?

Soffia: Well I got nothing else so... Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope you enjoyed. Nope, I got a last question. Choose one! XD

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