I need a date, and i need a girl (click here if you are a girl)

seriously, id like to date you, but if your not in my state then i would be willing to date you from the phone or internet. sometimes i look at that in a good way (cause we would never be tempted about sex, hurting each other, etc)

Created by Xethea on 11/30/1999

Take the I need a date, and i need a girl (click here if you are a girl) quiz.

If you're not up to this then heh...you might as well back out now. anyways, I'm 18, is that too young? too old?

I'm 5'9

i have extremely curly hair, and right now its dark blond and down to my shoulders, but i always let it grow down to my back

Not to spit it out but, what would you like your man to be like?

what would you hate more?

what would you enjoy doing more with him on dates?

now some girls really do care...what about a mans facial hair?

and the whole body?

what would you except/like on a man?

just from this would you actually think about going out with me?

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