Which Soul Eater character would be your boyfriend? (long results)

So I just finished watching the Soul Eater series (in 4 days XD) and I am a little bit obsessed for the moment XD So why not have some fun with this? Okay so here’s a quiz - what would your Soul Eater boyfriend be and how would your life play out? The results include: Soul, Black Star, Kid, Spirit (Death Scythe), Stein, and Crona. Message me if you want any other characters added ^^ Enjoy!

Created by SOTPM on 11/30/1999

Take the Which Soul Eater character would be your boyfriend? (long results) quiz.

Let’s start with the basics, who’s you’re favourite boy character from Soul Eater?

So you all saw this coming, which are your favourite colours? *hides behind a frying pan*

RP: Let’s say that Soul, Black star, and Kid are all wounded from battle. If you could only save two of them - who would you save?

Okay - so what annoys you most about your boyfriend?

And what do you love most about them?

Does he call you by a nickname? What is it?

Quick! Pick a number!

Okay, so how do you think they’ll ask you out?

Aw that’s cute - where would you go?

Are you messy or neat?

Which sounds more appealing in a relationship?

So are you about ready to end this quiz?

Alright to the answers then!

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