What do the Hetalia Characters Think Of You? (DETAILED)

my first quiz, any advice would be helpful, also, I'm having trouble editing my profilee, it might be a Quizilla glitch but IDK. In this, Romano's thoughts re also Spains cause I forgot to include Spain:/ I changed Lithy's result cause people requested a story, if you want one for the other two, lemme know, I am taking oneshot requests, no smut limes or lemons though

Created by IvySaravan on 01/20/2011

Take the What do the Hetalia Characters Think Of You? (DETAILED) quiz.

Alright, this one is just to see what attitude you have, did you read the memo?

Fav color?


your most likely to say...

What song?

Rp time! You come to the meeting and find Russia standing on the table with a pipe, everyone else freaking out. WHAT DO YOU DO!

You find the awsome Prussia crying, what do you do?

England is talking to himself, or is he? either way, what do u do?

Russia wants you to become one with him (I mean in the same situation the Baltics are in) Reactions?

Your sleeping and Italy burst through your window, waking you up

Alrighty, sorry if it's short! please rate and comment:)

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