Who is your Black Butler Boyfriend?

Haha, made you look! Just kidding, but I hope you like your result! Don't be too critical of me though, for I am simply on hell of a quiz maker. Tehee!

Created by gingersnap543 on 12/26/2010

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For starters, did ya' read the memo?

I can't help myself *giggles*... favorite color?

RP TIME!! You are walking down a dark alleyway in London. You knew it was dangerous but you were late and it was a shortcut. Your darting through when you fell a hand on your shoulder and warm breathe on your ear…Who is it and why are they there?

Whomever you meet in the alleyway suddenly whips you around and kisses you! *GASP* Your reaction?

They, sadly, stop kissing you.:( But then your mystery man tells you he loves you. How exactly did he say it?

You go home for the night and the next day wake- up to a gift on your nightstand. It is…

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