The never ending Quiz(for bored people & people who have nothing better to do)#1

hi my name is Mel and i'll be your quiz writer today.Before we start there are a few things you need to know: 1.I can't spell 2.I wrote this quiz already once and it was realy long and pritty good but my stouped computer froze and i lost it(it drove me crazy) 3.anime rules 4.and lastly the squirels of doom r going to take over the world 5.oh yah and im tipeing this at 4:45am,no i didn't git up early i stayed up(i spent about 4 hours tiping this the first time)(stouped computer!!!!)

Created by meowcome on 05/11/2008

Take the The never ending Quiz(for bored people & people who have nothing better to do)#1 quiz.

ok #1.did u read the memo?

#2.whats your favorite colur?

if u could be anty were right know were would u be?

r u an insomnyack?

ok person your siting under a mushroom, ok? what r u doing under the mushroom?

ok so your under the mushroom doing what ever your doing when sudenly u hear a realy load sound like fabric being riped.

then all goes black!!!!

next thing u know u find your self floating in a sea of silver mist.

Befor u have anty more time to think about the sea and the mist and that stuff your suddenly pulled out of the mist and u find your self laying in a hospital bed

the docter walks in and say your very lucky to be alive sir/mam

u ask the docter what happoned and he says, well you see it all started when evil blobs from plotoe landed and took over the world and force us to be clowns NOT! ok what realy happoned is that a piece of the sky fell and crushed u.

And know every one wants u to pay to fix the great big hole in the sky

they say you dont have to pay it all now they just want it done by friday.

just then you roll ever and wake up under the mushroom

did u like the story? u agree or diagree with the saying "life is to short not to waste it on the internet?

#18.what is the square root of 25?


which do u prefer: chedder or sarp chedder?

will u rate this quiz?

if u did rate it what would u rate it

do u like anime?


i know were u r!

your...siting behind a computer!

#27.the end is just the begining

ok your sitting under the gaint mushroom agean

your sitten there staring at the ants that are trying to steal your shoe when a gaint fuzzy worm falls from the sky, and lands next to u

well your like O.O or what ever u picked and the worm is just sitting there. Then it ternes to u and says, "pardon me...creature do u happon to know were i can find a flower?" Well your kind of bafoled by his question, because number one he just talked and

your sitting there thinking what ever your thinking when it hits u (a gaint telliphone book that flue out of the sky at 50 miles per hour) how did I git under a mushroom in the deseart? and more importantly HOW COULD A MUSHROOM GROW IN THE DESEART!!!!!!!!!

ALL THESE ANSWERS AND MORE WILL BE ANSWERED IN The never ending Quiz(for bored people & people who have nothing better to do)#2

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