The Box

This is sort of an experiment - I hope it makes you think and that you enjoy it.

Created by sunshinexoxkeeprunning on 11/30/1999

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You just got home from school. You throw your bag on the table and call out "I'm HOOOMMME!" But your house remains silent. You notice an piece of paper on the table. "Dear _____. I went shopping - be back later. Love, Mom." Next to it is a small black box

The box begins trembling - if you aren't already holding it, you pick it up. It shudders one more time, and then a piece of paper shoots out of the side of it. You flip the paper over, and it says, "Will you accept the Challenge?"

The box shudders and grows until your enveloped in darkness - you didn't really have a choice. Just as the darkness seems to be suffocating you - it gets ripped away, and you stagger backwards - you're standing on the edge of a cliff.

You hear a voice calling out, and you peer over the cliff into the brown eyes of a strange girl, who is clinging to a root.

You pull the girl up, and she wraps you in a hug. She doesn't seem to speak English, but she's very happy. She starts tugging you towards what you can see is her village.

As the girl tugs your arm, her touch starts to fade away. Slowly, everything else does to, and you find yourself in your kitchen, holding the black box. The clock hasn't moved. The box shudders and spits out another paper. "That was easy. Up for round two

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