Which K-On! Character are You??

Characters are Mio, Yui, Rio, and Tsumugi :)

Created by quizerdmaniacks on 11/30/1999

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RP time!! It's summer!! You decide that you want to go out, and see the world! Where do you decide to go?

You picked your place to go for summer. How do you plan on going there?

You finally arrive at your destination. You want to look good so when you get to the hotel, what do you change into?

Decide who you want to be before stepping outside into this new town. What are you like?

You go to the library to find a good book or a cute boy. Turns out, you find a friend! Who did 'ja meet?

In your opinion, what's she like?

She takes you to meet the others. She asked if you wanted to be in their band!! How exciting! What can you play?

A couple days later, you guys get your first gig! What do you all wear?

Aw... Time has been SUPER fun but eventually, you must go back home... :( Who is the most sad?

You're finally home.... Thinking of all of your band memories, you miss your friends... Who do YOU miss most?

Are you going to go back next summer?

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