7 Minutes In Heaven (Anime Guys) Girls only

ok heres my attempt at a 7 minutes in heaven with a bunch of random (and HOT) anime guys. great pics and long results! comment and rate plz and remember, CUPCAKES ARE AWESOME!!!!

Created by Auroravampire on 11/30/1999

Take the 7 Minutes In Heaven (Anime Guys) Girls only quiz.

You were sleeping in ur room when Itachi burst in and wakes u up. he and L (yes L from DeathNote) carry u too the living room...

Then Orochimaru tells you that their playing 7 minutes in heaven. you give him a weird look because you and your friend Misa Amane are the only girls here. but then you let it go...

Sasuke hands you a top hat nonchalantly, as if he doesn't care.and mutters something under his breath. u give him a slight glare in which he returns.

"Come on u two break it up!" Seshomaru says leaning his head on the side of the couch as if he didnt give a care in the world...

You reach into the hat and grab a...

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