Hetalia Party Rp ^^ (Girls only, unless your bored)

ATTENTION: THIS IS REALLY LONG, lol had to Hi there, this has been playing on my mind and I fancied doing it for fun, excuse my spelling mistakes and my lack of paragraphs :/ Im working on it. I'll add to the results later but other than that enjoy yourselves. Btw, I use the name Kaori or "Me", incase your wondering. Its been a while but making these takes ages for me >

Created by DespairAndCupcakes on 11/30/1999

Take the Hetalia Party Rp ^^ (Girls only, unless your bored) quiz.

Your Invited to America's "Epic" Pool Party of the Century that will go on for most of the night, first off what do you wear?

Your late to the party for some reason and when you get there the party is well under way. What do you do?

You don't like the songs that the Dj is playing so you go suggest one, (Me: if you don't know the songs go search them because the answer is relevant)

Whatever song you choose, Italy asks you to dance (Me: As a friend guys), you accept as he asked you in a cute way. Once the song has an finished, a/another Hadouken song comes on called Turn the lights out. Italy looks at you as if to say,

The Music goes off suddenly and America announces- "Check out my awesome pool guys,". The guys mmediately stripes off and some of the guys eyes are on you. You walk quickly to America asking him if you can hide somewhere to get changed as you didn't wear,

What colour/style is your costume? (Me: its easier this way, for me anyway)

When you reach the pool, you find that ww3 is occurring in the form of a water volley ball. Aixs vs. Allies yet again, what side do you choose?

Whatever you choose the allies win, Germany hands you a towel blushing a little, you take it and head inside. There's a huddle around the buffet table and you can't squeeze in anywhere. Germany asks- Do you want me to get you something?

The music of many different cultures comes on and its practically making the house shake and everyone's enjoying themselves, apart from a sad looking Britain. No matter how you feel about him you go to see him because your nice like that. He says...

After you clean up/put the dishes in the sink, you head back to the party room where America's saying goodbye to some peop, so you run back to his room where you left your stuff and you hear the door shut softly behind you. You find ***** standing there..

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