What do the Fullmetal Alchemist Characters think of you?

Woohoo! My very first quiz on my very favorite topic! This quiz will tell you your OC name, your boyfriend, what they think of you, your occupation, and (sadly) your personality. Alphonse has his body back in this. Thank you for taking the time to click on my quiz!?

Created by Saline80 on 06/20/2011

Take the What do the Fullmetal Alchemist Characters think of you? quiz.

I know this has really nothing to do with what they think of you, but, what's your favorite color?

Okay, next is (and be honest) what is your personality?

What's your favorite animal?

Okay, just gonna ask... Which guy do you hope to get (kind of gives away who's in the results)?

What catches your attention more?

'Kay, now I'm gonna give you a question that helps you cheat to see who you get at the result; What do you want your guy's personality to be?

You might not get what you want, but, what WOULD you like to look like (Hair and eye color only)?

You might not get what you want on this one too, but what name appeals to you most?

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