If you met Blaze the Cat

This is to test you if you were to meet Blaze the cat. It takes place at the time you were 6th grade. Y cuz 6th grade is the hardest year before highschool.

Created by eon4ever21 on 11/30/1999

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Miscellaneous question: Did you read the info?

Role Play:Your walking out of the classroom to get a drink of water. Suddenly you find Blaze the Cat come out of those portal things. What do you do?

Role Play: Blaze brushes off her clothes. She sees you doing something really weird. She feels upset about your reaction. Then she finally sticks her hand out. What do you do?

Role Play: She smiles. She sees what timid behavior you have.She looks around. You tell her she's in the Middle School. What else?

RP(lol My friend's initials):She is pretty pleased by what you said. She asks you what planet and time period she is in. And you say.

RP: She seems sad with that. I was hoping we were in the 34th century. Sadly I'm stuck here until faith says to me to leave. And you say.

RP: She seems concerned with your answer. She is frozen up for a few moments.Is there anything wrong? you ask. nothing. She replys. Well this century has good points. you say. And what else?

RP: Blaze feels much better hearing that. All the sudden your teacher comes out. What are you doing Blaise?! She yells. Get back to class. Blaze surprisingly says. Woah she didn't notice me. And your name is Blaise.

RP: Blaze feels happy that you have the same name as her. You realize the teacher doesn't notice Blaze so you see it's safe to bring her in the classroom. And you do.

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