A Teen Titans Quiz. (2)

HI! A special thanks to creativekat and boycrazy202. They messaged, so they're included. Recap: Slade tried to force you to become his appreentice, and when you refused to he was trying to strike you, and that's when the Teen Titans came.

Created by angelwings967 on 11/30/1999

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Your eyes fluttered open, and you woke up on a sofa, in a strange room. You were expecting your own room, but apparently you're not. As reality slowly came back to you, you realized that you weren't home and you jolted up.

The room span before you and you felt dizzy. You plopped back down on the couch, but you were still confused and dazed. A green boy not much older then you, walked in casually. "Hi." he greeted as if he knew you all your life.

Not knowing what to say back, you nodded and then plopped back down on the couch. "Haha, have a nice sleep?" he asked trying to make a conversation with you when you didn't feel like talking.

You looked at him. "Oh, right you're in the-" he was interupted when a half man, half robot bursted through the doors running and laughing, when another boy ran in his underwear. "GIVE THEM BACK! CYBORG! I'M NOT JOKING!!!" he yelled.

Your eyes grew wide and you turned away. You wanted no part in this. The green kid, whos name you learned was Beastboy, was laughing along with Cyborg. You were blushing, even though you weren't the one being pranked.

Robin suddenly realized you were there, and his cheeks slowly turned pink. Everyone else realized you were there too and their attention turned torward you. "Umm, hi?" you said uncomfortable. "HAHA! Isn't this hilarius,____?"

You turned away, and shurgged your shoulders. "Kinda...." you answred uncofortably. "Kinda?" Cyborg said hurt. You didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, and you didn't know what to say after that. As if on cue, two girls floated in the room.

They stopped and looked at Robin then at Cyborg and Beastboy, and than at you. "WHY are you torturing her?" the mysterious girl said. "Uhh, Robin, I hope you do know that you are not wearing the pant of under." the pretty girl said.

"It's......weird. That's all. Can you just PLEASE give Robin his pants back?" you begged, wnating to end the awkwardness. Cyborg tossed Robin his pants back and he ran to the bathroom to put them on. "Okay, so you're in the Titans Tower." Beastboy finishe

"But I-" you were interupted when an alarm rand and flashed of red light flickered throughout the tower. "What's happening?!" you yelled over the alrm. "Trouble." Robin answered bursting through the doors. "Come on!" he ordered.

Everyone began to rush out of the tower exceot for you, not knowing what to do, you only stood there. Beastboy stopped and looked at you, "You coming?" he asked. You smiled and he took your hand.

Cyborg bekoned you over to the car, "You're riding with me." he informed you. "Kay." you answered. You got in the car, and you were impressed at how cool it was. "Whoah..." you breathed. Robin came in the communicater, "It's Slade, you sure about this?" h

You hesitated, then answered, "Yes." As you finally stopped at the crime scene, it was a mime. "Come on!" Robin said jumping off this motorcycle. You slowly walked torward the cave. You didn't want to see Slade again.

You all entered the mime, with people running away from what looked like an army of Slades! You turned around to run back, but Robin caught your arm. "It's not Slade, these are just his minions. They're most likely not after you." he assured you. "Okay.."

Everyone was fighting whoever they were fighting and you were amazed at the teamwork. A robot tried to grab you, but you ducked out of the way and slidekicked it. He fell to the ground and you smirked. When you heard someone running through a passage way.

You decided to follow, because no one else noticed but you, and you didn't have enough time to notify anyone. You followed them, and you saw it was Slade. Scared, you turned back around to tell everyone that Slade was there.

You were about to escape, when rocks fell before you and blocked the way to get through. You gasped, knowing you couldn't go the other way. "Don't even try to escape,______ if you do you can say goodbye to your new friends." he warned you.

That's it, again I had to re-write this, so I kinda rushed through it. Rate and message or I won't write anymore. If you message, your name will be included in the memo. :)

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