Naruto Character Quiz(Girls Only!)

This is a quiz to tell what kind of person you are and how you would react to certain situations with friends or with boys;)...quite a bit of them actually...have fun!! Includes: Character thoughts, boyfriend, personality, age, friends, etc. My first quiz! READ ME!

Created by Ember949 on 11/30/1999

Take the Naruto Character Quiz(Girls Only!) quiz.

Did you read my memo?

Okay, Let’s say you were walking through the forest and a kunai was thrown past your face. Would you…?

I’m gonna make you pick that you fainted anyways. You wake up and see someone holding out their hand to help you up. Who do you want it to be?

They help you up and you realized it’s your crush. (Me:You choose who it was) What do you do?

You start to leave to go train and you see Hinata beaten up from training. You…?

After you do help or leave Hinata, you take a stroll through Kohana. Someone comes behind you and hugs you. You turn and see it’s Sasuke. What do you do?

After Sasuke leaves, you go to the park and see Kiba playing with Akamaru. Akamaru senses you and runs at you. Kiba follows and they dog pile you for fun. You…?

You wave to Kiba, but before you leave he kisses you bye. Do you…?

You leave and walk by Ichiraku’s ramen shop. You see Naruto eating with Iruka. He invites you over to eat with him and Iruka. Iruka is sitting next to him and the other side by Naruto is taken. What do you do?

After you leave Naruto to talk with Iruka, you go the roof of a building. After a couple of minutes staring at the sky, you notice someone else is with you. You look closer and see that it’s Gaara. What do you do?

Lets say you tried to talk with him and you ask if he ever had a true friend. He said no, but he wants one. He asked if you would be his friend. (Me: Yes he’s OOC but who cares) You say…?

You just made a new friend whether you like it or not. You jump off the roof and walk by the Hyuga compound and see Neji talking to someone. He stops talking to walk over to you. He says you look nice and tries to kiss you. Do you…?

When Neji still tries to kiss you, you see Tenten coming this way. You have a plan. You know Tenten likes Neji and she's your friend so you…?

After you hear Tenten scream at Neji, you run off laughing. You walk the streets of Kohana again and you see a big hill. You squint and see someone laying in the grass. You run over and see Shikamaru asleep. You…?

Shikamaru yawns and sees you standing there giggling. He asks what is so funny. You pull out a mirror and show him his face. He growls and chases you around the hill. He tackles you and you get pinned to the ground. You stop laughing to stare at him. What

After a half hour of playing tag, you get a bit tired and start to leave. Shikamaru calls after you and ask if you would come back here again soon. What do you say?

After you wave good-bye to Shikamaru, you walk to a bench and see Sakura hiding behind it. She glares at you. You shrug and look ahead. You see Sasuke up ahead and you realize Sakura is following him around. You look at her and do what…?

Sakura gets mad at you and tries to attack you for revealing what she was doing to Sasuke. She punches you in the face. How do you respond?

After Sasuke thanks you for getting rid of her, you walk off to the forest and see Lee training. He sees you and smiles. He runs over and asks if you want to train with him. How do you reply?

You walk away after waving good-bye. You continue walking and you see Itachi walking around. You then remember that be betrayed the Akatsuki and came back to Kohana(me:he really didn't). He sees you and walks over. What do you do?

After you and Itachi talked a while, you hugged him bye and continued on. You hear a crying noise later and turn to see Ino crying. She tells you her flowers in her flower shop are dying and no one will buy flowers anymore. What do you do?

She thanked you. Then you notice that most of the guys you met earlier were playing tag. They asked you to play. You agree. Naruto tackled you and you got hurt, someone else came up to you and picked you up bridal style. Who do you wish it was?

You realize that it was the guy you like. He carries you off from the game. He carries you home and lays you on your bed. He admits he loves you and tries to kiss you. How do you respond?

Done with the Roll Playing. Out of the blue. Who do you love most?

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One more. Fav Naruto Couples. :)

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