Would Edward Elric Date You?

Eh ya just what the title says heheh... Well its been a while since I've posted anything new to quizilla so I decided to make this cause I'm still thinking about good quizzes for you guys and if you have any ideas please tell me I would love to hear what kind of ideas you might have.

Created by VampireChrona209 on 11/30/1999

Take the Would Edward Elric Date You? quiz.

Me: EDWARD YOU GET TO ASK QUESTIONS! x3 Edward: oh goody... ok first question... what's your favorite color?

Edward: What do you think of me?

Edward: What do you think of Al?

Edward:Um... what do you think of my... voice actor?

Edward: Do you think this quiz is gay? cause I think the creator is running out of questions to have me read off the paper... Me: NOOO... ok maybe...

Edward: Roleplay? Me: NO THERE IS NO TIME FER DAT -wacks Ed on the head with a baseball bat- Edward: AAAHHH WHAT WAS THAT FOR?! Me: To see what people would say... NOW WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY???

Me: Ok that's the end! please let me know how this quiz was ^^

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