Anime Seven Minutes in Heaven (long Results) (not finished)

Includes D. Gray Man, Naruto (Shippuden), Death Note, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler), and Full Metal Alchemist. This is my First time writing a quiz like this so... ya its a little awkward but let me know how i did. IMPORTANT Choose Senario First then go back and Just choose an Item From the Hat. I have it this way cause the senario doesnt fit in the question (please notify me on any Grammer/spelling mistakes) I'll hopefully make a separate quiz for each series in the future

Created by 124Emogirl124 on 07/22/2011

Take the Anime Seven Minutes in Heaven (long Results) (not finished) quiz.

Read Memo First but if you really lazy heres the short. Pick senario first read it come back and then choose an Item

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